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The Do’s and Don’ts of renting a laptop

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In countries like India where demand is greater than supply and affordability is still a problem, renting laptops is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets today. Laptop on rent in KanjurMarg

 When renting a laptop, here are seven things to consider

  1. Operating System – Would you like Windows, Macintosh, or Ubuntu/Linux to suit your needs? Many developers prefer Linux based systems or Macintosh since the memory system footprint is smaller; while Windows is heavy on the system and more suitable for a lesser amount of development work. 
  1. Brand – Apple MacBooks are the only Macintosh option, but Windows or Ubuntu can be loaded on Dell, Lenovo, HP, ACER, and many other brands. The brand does not matter much unless you need specific weights or sizes. 
  1. Configuration – This is a key metric since it decides which applications will be able to run on the machines. Corei3 is really a starting configuration, though some people still take core 2 duo or DualCore. A wide variety of applications and projects can be handled with better configurations, including Corei5, Corei7, and most recently Corei9.
  1. Generation – A laptop from the 1st or 2nd generation, which is from 2010-11, is generally heavier and slower in speed than a laptop from the 4-5th generation. There are, however, generally no rental options for absolutely new-generation laptops like the 6th and 7th generations.
  1. Price – It is common for people to inquire about rental prices, but this is a factor entirely influenced by the factors listed above. For a long term rental, you will pay 4 to 5 percent of the laptop’s basic market price, so if you buy a laptop for 40,000, you can rent it for 18000-2000 a month.
  1. Service – In case of software or hardware issues in the laptop, it is important to know what the terms of service and replacement are. Not all companies provide free service when renting laptops.
  1. Duration – The duration of your laptop rental may not be known up front, so having a provider that offers flexible monthly rentals as part of a package is always beneficial.
Laptop for rent | Image source : vdalph

Laptop for rent | Image source : vdalph

Here is a quick list of things you should avoid while renting a laptop based on what we now know about laptop rental options:

  1. Choosing a configuration without knowing applications – There are times when customers ask for the highest configuration when they only need to run basic Windows applications, and the reverse is also true. In both cases, either you will shell out a lot of money or you will lose productivity.
  2. Negotiating only on price – You get monkeys if you throw peanuts. This applies to laptop rental pricing as well. Even if you negotiate on the price, the laptop will probably be from the oldest stock and you will lose productivity due to the slower speed and heavier weight.
  3. Using pirated licences – Whenever you use a piece of software, it is always advisable to install a genuine version, even if it costs a bit more on rental laptops.

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