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Are you looking for a laptop for rent in Mumbai and Pune? Read the following article.

MacBook Pro: 

MacBook Pro is the better quality model of the MacBook family and is the most favored MacBook for applications that utilization a bigger number of processing cores. A MacBook that is wealthy in highlights and is equipped for processing complex assignments easily that require superfast processing speed. 

MacBooks are great for well-informed individuals who work on center innovations like computerized reasoning, AI, information science, or even realistic planning, UI UX, and so on Rentmobile has Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and additionally with Retina in 2 sizes: 15-inch and 13-inch. 


iMac, the renowned Macintosh desktop computer comprises unimaginable processors and is viewed as the world’s most developed desktop working framework. 

With enormous screen estimates and astonishing feel, iMac is liked by creators and developers for accommodation during work. At Rentmobile, we have top models of iMac with 2 different sizes: 21.5-inch and 27-inch. 

Macintosh Mini: 

Is it true that you are searching for a gadget that can transform any screen into a computerized sign? We have the appropriate response; Mac Mini is Mac’s well-known small gadget that permits you to plug it into any desktop to get an incredible computer. 

It is an extraordinary gadget for representatives tackling jobs from home since it permits clients to work from any place as long as there is a screen and Wi-Fi access. The individuals who need to encounter Apple’s stunning innovation for a minimal price can most likely appreciate Mac Mini. Rentmobile has Apple Mac-Mini (A1347) Core i5/16GB/256GB SSD and Apple Mac-MINi (A1993) Core i5/8GB/256GB SSD. 

Windows Laptop: 

Windows Laptops, broadly favored overall are accessible in many models appropriate for different prerequisites. With regards to Windows laptops, Rentmobile has two of the most requested brands; Dell and HP. 

With phenomenal looks, sound quality, top of the line processors, and significantly more, our Windows laptops are ideal for understudies, working people, and consultants. We have HP LaptopCore i5/8GB/256GB SSD, Dell LaptopCore i5/8GB/256GB SSD, and Dell LaptopCore i7/16GB/512GB SSD accessible for rent. 


At Rentmobile, we offer top-notch and most recent items, forward-thinking equipment, information stockpiling, reinforcement support, post-rental help, network support and design, and simple substitution. On the off chance that you also wish to choose MacBook rental or laptop on rent in Mumbai and Pune then, at that point visit rentmobile.in

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Best Laptop On Rental Services for Every Business

You can use Rent a laptop in Mumbai as a way of introducing cutting-edge technology into the hands of your employees or students, whether you are starting a business, expanding your business workforce, or running a tuition center. In Delhi NCR and Mumbai, Computer Repair Home offers unmatched laptop rental services to meet all your telecommuting needs.

We provide laptop rental services that include support, guidance, and deliveries to make the entire process as smooth as possible. While our competitors may not be coordinating home or office deliveries, we provide all the support, guidance, and deliveries you need. Whether you need assistance with deliveries, troubleshooting, or any other aspect of your rental product, we have experienced Tech travel agents on staff.

  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • Short & Long Term Rental
  • Low Cost, Easy Setup
  • Lowest Monthly Rentals Guaranteed
  • Leading Brands
  • Tailored Packages
  • Free Quote

Why Rent a Laptop Instead of Buying?

Every year, you need to upgrade your laptop, which is an expensive process. On the other hand, renting makes it easier to upgrade without breaking the bank. Additionally, buying a new laptop will require you to shell out a large sum of money for the full cost. Additionally, if you take it on EMI, again, you’ll be paying more than the actual cost. This explains why it is more affordable to rent a laptop. According to the company regulations, you may be able to own it in the future by just paying a small amount of money instead of the EMI.

Rent to Buy Laptop in Perth, Next Day Delivery

Any Laptop Rental Services in Mumbai?

No matter where you are located in Delhi NCR, we can provide Laptop rental services to your doorstep with a call. Depending on your needs, we can install custom imaging or software, inspect the laptop to make sure it meets the quality standard, and deliver it to you. rentmobile.in should always be your first choice when searching for a Rent a laptop in Mumbai. In case you’re wondering where to rent a laptop near me, we’re ready round the clock to answer your call.

Why choose us for Rent a laptop in Mumbai?

We provide the following features when you are looking for a laptop for rent near me in Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Ghaziabad and surrounding areas:

  • Deliveries that are faster and on time
  • Onsite support is available
  • Laptops from reputable companies with well-configured hardware.
  • Long- and short-term rental services are available
  • The laptops are equipped with up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Every laptop comes with a battery charger
  • The latest and newer technology is available on each laptop

KKR Computer Rental Plaza (@kkrrental) / Twitter

Does have Rent a laptop in Mumbai?

You’re lucky- we rent laptops to Mumbai residents as well. Many businesses and students in this area already prefer to rent a laptop from Computer Repair Home either as a test drive of our software and hardware before making a purchase or as a result of the high quality of service offered by our agents when providing Rent a laptop in Mumbai. You can accomplish your tasks at home with all of the laptop accessories we offer. Furthermore, our experts are able to install any type of software, such as Microsoft Office, the suite, and Zoom, according to the needs of your company.

Work from Home Rent a laptop in Delhi

Delhi companies are changing their infrastructures just as quickly as their workstations in response to the rapid change in workstations. Computer Repair Home offers quick and reliable short-term laptop rentals so you can transition from an office environment to a remote work environment quickly and efficiently. Whenever you need Rent a Laptop in Delhi, our agents will ensure that you have all the equipment you need and as long as you need it. Renters have the option to extend their rental period if their company extends working from home.

Computer Rental Services in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Online Learning Rent a Laptop in Ghaziabad

The majority of educational institutes in NCR are switching to virtual learning this year. Check out our special rates for Renting a Laptop in Ghaziabad if your institute happens to be one of them. After a hands-on learning experience with a piece of software, students are more likely to learn faster and be more productive as a result of using laptops. Apart from our standard laptop inventory, our technicians can customize any configuration according to your individual needs.

High Performance Laptops at Low Rental Costs

With rentmobile.in, businesses of all sizes and industries can rent laptops for short- or long-term use. With our affordable and high performance laptops, you will gain fast and reliable processing power without having to buy a new laptop, as we provide the best equipment from the top brands on the market. So call us now! Do not search for Laptops on rent. Your earlier plan to purchase a new one will definitely change when you see our rental prices.

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Renting  laptop | Image source : Rent and rum

In countries like India where demand is greater than supply and affordability is still a problem, renting laptops is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets today. Laptop on rent in KanjurMarg

When Renting  laptop, here are seven things to consider

Renting a laptop is a smart solution! There are many companies that provide IT rental services.

Renting  laptop | Image source : Laptop Mag


Operating System – The memory footprint of Linux systems and Macintosh systems is smaller; whereas Windows is heavier on the system and better suited for less development work.

Brand – Apple MacBooks are the only Macintosh option, but Windows or Ubuntu can be loaded on Dell, Lenovo, HP, ACER, and many other brands. The brand does not matter much unless you need specific weights or sizes.

Configuration –The Corei3 is a good starting configuration, though some people still use the Core 2 Duo or DualCore. This determines which applications can run on the machine. The Corei5, Corei7, and Corei9 can handle a wide range of applications and projects.

Generation A laptop from the 1st or 2nd generation, which is from 2010-11, is generally heavier and slower in speed than a laptop from the 4-5th generation. There are, however, generally no rental options for absolutely new-generation laptops like the 6th and 7th generations.

Renting  laptop | Image source : Wired


Price The rental price is affected by many factors, including the above factors. The long term rental price is approximately four to five percent of the laptop’s basic market price, meaning you can rent one for 18000-2000 a month if you buy one for 40,000.

Service – In case of software or hardware issues in the laptop, it is important to know what the terms of service and replacement are. Not all companies provide free service when renting laptops.

Duration – The duration of your laptop rental may not be known up front, so having a provider that offers flexible monthly rentals as part of a package is always beneficial.


Based on what we now know about laptop rentals, here are some things to avoid:

 Renting  laptop | Image source : Blog vindi

  1. Choosing a configuration without knowing applications – There are times when customers ask for the highest configuration when they only need to run basic Windows applications, and the reverse is also true. In both cases, either you will shell out a lot of money or you will lose productivity.
  2. Negotiating only on price – You get monkeys if you throw peanuts. This applies to laptop rental pricing as well.
  3. Even if you negotiate on the price, the laptop will probably be from the oldest stock and you will lose productivity due to the slower speed and heavier weight.
  4. Using pirated licences – Whenever you use a piece of software, it is always advisable to install a genuine version, even if it costs a bit more on rental laptops.


Ques : If FedEx, UPS, or another carrier delays my delivery, what should I do?

Ans : FedEx delivered 10 Macbooks late due to extreme weather in Florida. As a result, we hired a local technician to purchase 10 new Macbooks and deliver them to our client’s event. Even if there’s a delay, we always find a solution.

It’s important for your rental company to have backup plans in place despite the fact that FedEx and other carriers cannot guarantee on-time delivery.

Ques : In what condition are your laptops?

Ans : A laptop that looks like it was used as a bowling ball is the last thing you want. Or worse: One that stops working.

Please check in about the look and condition of the laptops, and request if you need them to be in exceptional condition.

It’s also a good idea to check how many spare parts your rental provider sends with your order – just in case. We always send spare parts, since we know the stakes are too high to risk not having some backups.

Ques : Once I return my laptops, what happens to my data and files?

Ans : It is also important to keep your IT or security teams from having nightmares. Before renting your laptop to another customer, your rental company should always re-image all hard drives. Re-imaging means completely erasing the hard drive, not just deleting your files and uninstalling programs.

Ques : Is my customization going to be accurate?

Ans : The first day you open a laptop, you want it to work exactly the way you expect. Otherwise, you’ll have dozens of laptops that don’t work the way you need.

Our experience has taught us that not every company has the capability to customize thousands of laptops correctly.

Your laptop must be powerful and fast enough to run the software you need. We always test everything out on a tester laptop or remotely.

Ques :  How can these laptops be set up by your technical staff?

Ans :  The day of your event, you’ll probably be too busy to set up or troubleshoot.

You may be able to get a technician to help you set up your laptops or monitor them. Having a highly qualified laptop technician on hand can make your life easier.

Ques : Are there any accessories available?

Ans : Imagine receiving your laptops without a network switch to connect your ethernet cord.

It’s important to know which accessories come with your laptop rental.

The following are some popular accessories to ask about: Network switches, cable locks, printers, monitors, and mice.

Ques :  What is the best price you are offering?

Ans :  It’s ok to ask about pricing! We know it can be confusing. Compare quotes apples-to-apples rather than one big number to see what you’re getting, and where there are differences.

Our Best Price Guarantee lets our customers know they’re getting the best price. If you find another company offering the same order for a lower price, we’ll beat it by 5 percent.

Ques :  Can I place this order more than once?

Ans :  In the event you need to repeat your order, will your rental company keep all your customizations on file, or will you have to start over? The last question is, will your rental company work to improve every order, or will there be one person you’ll always work with?

We provide consistent, reliable laptop rentals nationwide, and our project managers handle every detail so you don’t have to.

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gaming laptop on rent in mulund

It is much more expensive to purchase a laptop than to rent it. If you need a laptop to study or work, but cannot afford it, you should rent it. If you are thinking of taking Computers on lease for a month in Bhandup, why don’t you rent it? With a laptop lease, you won’t have to spend 40000-50000 INR that you probably do not have or could put to better use. Contact us for more information or browse www.rentmobile.in.

Rent | Image source : Pinterest

If you’re searching for laptops on rent on Google, click on www.rentmobile.in. We offer students laptops for rent as well as bulk laptops for rent. So if you are starting a new business, contact us if you don’t want to spend lakhs of rupees on outdated laptops and computers. With over a decade of experience renting laptops and other electronics, we have the best laptops on rent in Bhandup.


Rent | Image source : Rent Mobile.in

Laptops on Rent in Bhandup

Renting laptops from www.rentmobile.in is beneficial to our customers because we offer only the latest models. In addition to renting new models with the latest technologies, you can also let us know about your custom requirements, and we’ll get in touch with you

As the best laptop rental agency in Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane, we offer the best laptops on lease for small offices.

If you didn’t know, taxes account for a significant percentage of laptop prices. Renting or leasing a laptop from www.rentmobile.in can save you even more.

The concept of renting laptops and paying a monthly subscription fee is not as strange as it may sound. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, consider renting used laptops from laptop on rent in Bhandup.

Rent | Image source : Rent Mobile.in

In addition to saving you money, you can achieve functionality with a renovated laptop.

A laptop rental Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane company can assist you in increasing your profits by using used laptops, second laptops, and redeveloped laptops.

With 10+ years of experience serving Mumbai Navi Mumbai Thane customers, we are now the best laptop for lease in AndheriMumbai Navi Mumbai Thane.


Ques : Is it possible to rent a laptop for the day?

Ans : Yes, you can rent a laptop for as long as you want… from one day up to a month.

Ques : What are the options for renting a laptop in India?

Ans : CJPL, the nation’s leading rental service provider, can deliver any number of laptops/notebooks at any location in the country. It also offers short-term and long-term laptop rentals.

Ques : What is the daily cost of a laptop?

Ans : It costs 24p a day to operate a laptop if it is on for 8 hours a day, or 3p per hour if it is on for 8 hours a day. Laptops consume about 50 watts of electricity, the equivalent of 0.05 kWh.

Ques : Is it possible to rent a laptop?

Ans :  Rent-A-Center has a laptop for every need, whether you want to share photos, listen to music, watch videos, or do your homework.

Ques : How much does Mumbai rent cost?

Ans :  In Mumbai, rental properties can cost anywhere from Rs 25,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh a month. In case you plan to purchase a property, Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India, with prices starting at around Rs 1.5 crore for a 1 BHK apartment measuring 350-400 sq ft in core areas.

Ques :  Could I use a laptop in a hostel?

Ans : Yes! Most colleges allow laptops in hostels except during study hours. As they learn about the studies, they will need laptops in hostels.

Ques : Renting a computer is worth it?

Ans :  Renting a computer instead of buying one might make sense for someone who needs one for a short stay in another city. If a desktop PC isn’t needed, there’s no need for the extra expense of buying one. If you are on a short-term assignment while traveling, renting would be a good choice.

Ques : Can I rent a Windows laptop?

Ans : The average rental price of a Windows laptop is $99 per unit. Windows laptop rentals are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can rent a Windows laptop with your exact software configuration.

Ques : How many hours can a laptop be used?

Ans : If you’re just browsing the web or sending emails or any other kind of simple tasks, you might be able to get as much as 4-5 hours out of the cheapest laptop batteries out there and as much as 10-12+ hours out of the best laptop batteries. Your battery’s age is another factor to consider.

Ques : Laptops without down payment?

Ans :  With a high-limit loan, you can purchase a laptop with zero down payment on EMIs without a credit card. You can purchase laptops on EMIs that don’t involve any extra fees.

Ques : Laptop financing without credit?

Ans : Laptops with no credit history can be financed almost anywhere. People with bad credit will generally face tougher lending requirements.

Ques :Renting laptops is better than buying?

Ans : The benefit of renting over buying is that you can return them at any time. In the event your needs change or the laptops are no longer needed, you can simply return them.





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laptop on rent in mumbai and pune

It is said that if maintaining your business feels hard, you are doing it right. Be that as it may, not all things have to be troublesome and testing. Alongside significant business concerns, most of the beginning up proprietors are adhered between concluding whether to lease or Rental Laptops. Be it a little shop, showcasing office, programming improvement organization, or even an AI firm, laptops are the fundamental need.  Renting a laptop is a better option for your startups because of the following reasons:- 

If you also are confounded between leasing a laptop or getting it, continue to peruse.

Five advantages of Opting for Laptop Rental Services in Mumbai & Pune

1. Cost-saving 

The essential advantage of laptop rental is that new businesses will save plenty of expenses. Cost-saving is consistently a business cycle objective for new companies and, in any event, for huge scope organizations. Thinking about the necessities, the laptop setups may change. For example, if you are an advanced planning startup, you should require excellent quality innovation laptops like HP Laptop, Dell Laptop, Lenovo Laptop with astounding inbuilt highlights. Purchasing such laptops HP, Dell or Lenovo Laptop for every one of the originators working in your startup can make a significant opening in your pocket. It is no news that MacBooks are generally liked for proficient business employments. However, when contrasted with Windows workstations, MacBooks are a smidgen more costly. In such situations, putting lakhs of rupees in buying laptops isn’t considered plausible. On the other hand, renting laptops and paying attainable month to month charges for cutting edge workstations is an incredible arrangement. 

2. Helps in dynamic 

Contributing lakhs of rupees on laptops just based on given design subtleties can be a dangerous move. Not all workstations are suitable for your specific need. Contingent upon the necessity, a laptop setup is chosen. Envision you are running a messenger administrations startup; you can manage without cutting realistic edge cards, enormous screens, and top of the line designs. The majority of the showcasing explanations cause you to neglect or confound you about what might be the incredible most reasonable choice.  Laptop Rental Services permit fire up proprietors to lease various design workstations and utilize those a few months to discover which PC is generally appropriate for their business. 

3. Advancing innovation 

Each startup proprietor needs to discover answers for various difficulties. Conveying excellent work according to the customer’s assumptions, being superior to contenders, and refreshing your work cycle with the most recent innovation; all are significant assignments for each startup. In such cases, we firmly suggest settling on PC or laptop on rent in mumbai rental services contemporary innovation workstations without getting them. With developing innovation, each new LaptopLaptop accompanies some phenomenal highlights. Putting a tremendous sum in buying workstations and attempting to incorporate the most recent innovation at regular intervals isn’t attainable. 

4. Maintenance 

Most laptop rental services offer upkeep for nothing or immaterial charges. Maintenance included fixing and incorporating the most recent innovation, refreshing frameworks, and so forth. Another issue related to support is that organizations are left without your LaptopLaptop for a lot of time. This isn’t the situation with laptop rental services since clients get substitute laptops until further notice. 

5. Stunning choice in case you are searching for temporary use 

The vast majority of the new companies employ a labour force for an undertaking premise. As per the intricacy of ventures, terms, and responsibilities, they are recruiting low maintenance HR, a famous method of working in new businesses. For such situations, PC rentals are consistently an intelligent thought.

Also read,

Find a Laptop on rent in Mumbai and Pune

We provide Dell Laptop, HP Laptop, Lenovo Laptop on a rental basis for long term and short term in Mumbai and Pune wherever and whenever you need it for all your Apps development, testing and Events. We also provide the latest generation Android Mobile Phones on a Rental basis for the Short term & Long term.

Presently, since you realize the advantages of deciding on laptop rental services, you can book your LaptopLaptop today from rent mobile. It is a Mumbai-Pune based laptop rental organization that offers premium quality laptops, MacBooks on reasonable rental charges. So if you are from Mumbai or Pune, you can search LaptopLaptop on rent near me.

We offer a wide range of smartphones and Laptops on rent in Pune and rental laptops in Mumbai. We provide premium brands at the best deals for you. Contact us to get the best deals now.

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