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How to rent a laptop: Dos and Don’ts

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Laptop rentals have become one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in countries such as India, where there is more demand than supply, and affordability remains a barrier for the majority of the population.

When rent a laptop in Mumbai, here are seven things to consider

Operating System:

It will suffice if you use Windows, Macintosh, or Ubuntu/Linux. Many developers prefer Linux-based systems or Macintosh since they have a smaller memory footprint, whereas Windows is heavier on the system and less suitable for heavy development work. 


For Mac OS, there is only one option, Apple MacBooks; Windows or Ubuntu can be loaded on Dell, Lenovo, HP, ACER PCs. Brand does not have too much of an effect unless you are looking for a specific weight and dimension for your configuration. 


Since it determines what applications you will be able to run on the machine, this is an important metric. Corei3 is really a good starting configuration, though some people choose to stick with core 2 duo or DualCore. Corei5, Corei7, and most recently Corei9 are all good configurations for a variety of applications and projects


In general, older generation laptops like 1st and 2nd generation models of 2010-11 are heavier and slower. From generation 4-5, the form factor of the machines improved dramatically. There are, however, no rentals available for absolutely new-generation laptops like Generation 6 and 7.


The price for rentals is typically the first question most people ask, however it is entirely dependent on the above factors. Rent for the long term is 4-5% of the market price of the laptop, so if the laptop costs 40,000/ in the market for buying, you can rent it for 1800-2,000/month.

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Service – 

When renting a laptop, it is important to understand what the terms of service and replacements are in case there are any software or hardware issues. The service may not be included in the rent.


In such cases, it is always beneficial to deal with a provider that offers flexible monthly rentals as a package, as you may not know the exact duration of the rental. 

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