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A list of Dos & Don’ts while renting a laptop

by zadmin

There is a vast market for renting laptops in countries like India, where demand exceeds supply, and affordability is a hurdle for a majority of the population.

When renting a laptop, you should consider the following seven factors.

  1. Operating System – It doesn’t matter if you have Windows, Macintosh, or Ubuntu/Linux. In general, developers prefer Linux-based systems or Macintosh since they take up less memory, while Windows is heavy on the design and more appropriate for less serious development work. 
  2. Brand – Only MacBooks are available for Macintosh devices; Windows and Ubuntu can be installed on Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other devices. The brand is not essential unless you look for a specific size and weight. 
  3. Configuration- Depending on their structure, the machines can run different applications. In addition to core 3 processors, dual-core and core 2 duo processors are also available. When working on various applications and projects, better configurations such as Corei5, Corei7, and the most recent Corei9 are beneficial.
  4. Generation – The older generation of laptops like the first and second generations, made between 2010 and 2011, tend to be heavier and slower. There has been a significant improvement in the form factor of machines since generations 4-5. The market for renting new-generation laptops, like Generation 6 and 7, is generally unavailable.
  5. Price – Even though most people start by asking for a rental, this factor ultimately depends on these factors. Rents on a long-term basis are typically 4-5% of the primary market price of the laptop, so if a computer in the market costs 40,000/, you can rent it for 1800-2000.
  6. Service – If there is a software or hardware issue in the laptop, one should know the terms of service and replacements. Many rental companies do not offer free services.
  7. Duration – A provider who offers flexible monthly rentals as part of a package is always helpful, as you may not know the time of the rental period you need the laptop. 

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